Language and cultural coaching

We have 30 years of experience living and working in Asia as well as living in Europe (Germany and Austria) to help bridge cultural gaps and improve your cultural awareness. Cross-cultural skills are not an add-on when working in international organizations or living in countries with different cultural values and practices, but are an essential component of being able to lead, work and collaborate effectively. We can coach you in recognizing cultural values and their influence on behavior in the workplace or society. We will also give you the tools to analyze other culture’s ways of working in comparison to our own and learn to manage any differences and gaps. Learn to use cross-cultural communication skills to your advantage. The contents of coaching sessions can be customized to fit your needs.

We provide one-on-one German language lessons to prepare professionals taking up work assignments in German-speaking countries or family members wishing to pick up German language prior to relocating.


The rates for coaching sessions or language lessons depend on your coaching and language learning requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project.


At Connect-German we always give the highest priority to confidentiality. On request, we are prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or NDA, as agreed.