Translation and transcreation


Technical translations require precision, the knowledge of the appropriate technical terms and ideally some background in the field of industry. We have extensive experience in the translation of product and function requirements specifications and guidelines, particularly in the field of electronics. These documents are highly technical and require the translator to understand the technical context and application.

The Managing Director of Connect-German, Eva Heinrich, has been working with German tech companies for 20 years.


Legal translations have to be absolutely accurate and clear, as inaccuracy or ambiguity can lead to misunderstandings and possibly losses to the parties involved. To guarantee the quality of legal translations, Connect-German consults legal professionals to assure the correct interpretation of legal concepts and phrasing of clauses. The legal documents we translate include Court Orders, Purchase and Sales Agreements, Tenancy Agreements, Power of Attorneys, Articles of Association, Wills, etc. We also provide interpretation in court and arbitration hearings.


Our business and financial translations include many other areas not covered in the above categories, such as management, marketing, real estate, human resources, public relations, investments etc. We have experience in translating business plans, financial reports, investor information, tax statements, corporate brochures, marketing materials, training materials, magazine articles, questionnaires etc.


Medical translations require the knowledge of the correct medical terminology and must assure that documents for submission to healthcare providers, licensing authorities, insurance companies are correct and complete. In case of doubt we check with medical professionals to assure the accuracy of the translation. We have experience in translating medical certificates, test reports, case reports for referral to other healthcare providers or insurance companies, consent forms, research reports and journal articles etc.


Translation rates and turnaround time vary from project to project, depending on the technical nature of text, formatting requirements and volume. Engagement of our services on a retainer basis for recurring tasks or ongoing projects is possible.

Reliable quotations can only be provided upon viewing the documents to be translated. In the case of larger scale tasks or ongoing projects we are happy to schedule a telephone conference or meet up for a discussion.


At Connect-German we always give the highest priority to confidentiality. On request, we are prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or NDA, as agreed.